Recover Data off Unformatted Drive

Launch the Unformat Mac software on your Mac after free download. Then, select the unformatted drive and click OK, upon which the software scans and recovers entire files from the selected drive. Then, it allows you to preview the recovered files before even you purchase the software. Download for free now!!!

Have you lost precious files from unformatted drive & want to perform unformatted drive recovery? Then keep reading

Files stored on hard disk or any storage devices may lose due to various reasons. Formatting or reformatting drive is the major reasons behind huge data loss from drives. Apart from these two reasons, we can see simple scenarios which cause file loss in drive. Reasons are like virus attacks, accidental deletion, file header corruption, journal corruption, accidentally emptying Trash and many more reasons. Since file deleted from the drive is not deleted permanently instead those files have resided in hard disk itself unless not overwritten. Using any special data rescue software, one can easily restore files from an unformatted drive or from any storage devices in a simple way.

Why you people opt for this file rescue tool to accomplish unformatted drive recovery?

In Mac machines, loosing file due to virus infection is very less but some scenarios makes virus to enter into Mac machines i.e. sharing virus infected data from other users or unfortunately downloading virus infected applications, games, and other data and synchronizing infected devices to Mac machines, all these actions makes virus threats to enter into your PC easily. Once virus treats enter into PC hard disk, it corrupts file system and makes other file inaccessible. After file gets damaged or corrupt severely, they get deleted automatically or get hidden from user resulting in loss of files. In such situation, this tool comes in handy to scan your Mac volumes in deep and to restore files from an unformatted drive that got corrupted due to virus threats, in a couple of minutes. To know more visit:

Files are deleted using the Delete button on Mac machine will stores into Trash folder. Later, you can restore deleted files from Trash which are in necessity but when you delete files using combination of shift + delete, files bypass Trash and reside into hard disk. No one can restore those files easily, but this tool makes possible and bring backs all files in a simple way. Even unformatted drive recovery tool can also rescue files form unformatted drive after accidentally emptying Trash or files accidentally deleted from Trash.

In Mac, a journal maintains all vital information which needs to regain previous working condition when PC performance is low. Severe penalty can result if journal gets corrupted. For instance, it can make a Mac volume unmountable, while rendering the data unreachable and results in loss of files. Whatsoever may be the reason for losing any files from Mac volume, by using this advanced tool you can easily restore files from unformatted drive. In addition, you can recover files from formatted flash drive on Mac by using this user friendly tool. Files deleted or lost from memory card, flash card, pen drive, external disk drive, iPod and other storage devices can be regained easily.

Moreover, unformatted drive recovery tool provides an option to rescue files form unformatted drive, of specific file type from the list of scanned files and after performing file recovery process, you can preview those files in Data View Type and File Type. If you are satisfied with obtained results then purchase full version to save those files to your disk. To get more information, visit

Steps to rescue files form Unformatted Drive:

1: Download demo version and install on healthy PC successfully and as soon as launching the software, select "Recover Files" option as shown in figure 1. In next screen, select either "Recover Lost Files" or "Recover Deleted Files" based on file loss scenario to rescue files form unformatted drive.

Rescue Files form Unformatted Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: Now choose volume or drive and click on "Next" button to begin scanning process as shown in figure 2.

Rescue Files form Unformatted Drive - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

3: After successful completion of scanning and recuperation process, you can preview recouped files as shown in figure 3. Save recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of drive.

Rescue Files form Unformatted Drive - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data

Note: If you are satisfied with obtained results by demo version, then purchase full version to save recouped files to your disk.

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