Software to Unformat USB Drive

Are you searching for an application to unformat USB drive? After a lot of search, you have reached at the right place. Here you’ll get the finest solution to recover files and folder from formatted USB drive. Data recovery on Mac is the best software available in the market to unformat USB drive data in few simple mouse clicks. Unformat Mac tool will help you in recovering data from various other data storage devices connected to Mac OS and gets corrupted due to any of the reasons. This application is recommended by computer professionals across the globe as it is designed with simple user graphical user interface to help out novice users.

Plenty of reasons are there which forces users to format USB drive, but the most common one is accidental formatting. Such instance takes place when user connects USB drive on Mac OS and suddenly a message popped up saying that ‘Drive is not formatted’, format it now. At this certain point, user clicks on format button and this will results in deletion of files and folders. If something like happens to you and now after such incidence you want to unformat USB drive files then for this purpose you have to use Unformat Mac software. User can also take help of this smart application to recover files from Mac hard disk after incomplete installation of OS. With this utility it is easy to recover files and folders from data storage devices formatted due to any of the reasons.

The major reason that forces user to format USB drive is takes place due to human errors. Whenever user ejects the USB drive from computer improperly then it causes file system corruption. Such condition arises when data transfer process going on between computer and USB drive and in hurry, user ejects the USB drive then it will surely cause some disaster. If you also done the same thing, then you have only one option left to solve this issue is by formatting the USB drive. Because file system corruption makes your USB drive inaccessible and if you want to use it future then you have to format it which eventually erases the stored data. If you are facing the same problem then, just make use of Unformat Mac software which easily unformat USB drive data in few simple mouse clicks. With this advanced application user can restore files from formatted SD card on Mac in just a few steps and it also helps in recovering files from other types of memory cards as well.

There are many other reasons which results in formatting of the USB drive and causes data loss to the user, but you don’t have to worry at all as now you have Unformat Mac tool with you to unformat USB drive with utmost ease. Apart from all this, it facilitates you to retrieve lost volumes from formatted Mac hard drive at your fingertips. With this application user can recover files from formatted USB drive, Memory card, CF card, Flash drive and SSD on Mac OS X.

Steps to recover data from formatted USB drive:

Step i: Launch the free trial version of Unfromat Mac software. Welcome screen opens up as illustrated in Figure A.

Unformat USB - Home Window

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step ii: On the next screen, choose "Recover Volumes/Drives" and then choose "Formatted/Re-Formatted Recovery". After this, select the USB drive from the list appear as illustrated in Figure B.

Unformat USB - Choose USB

Figure B: Select USB

Step iii: Software starts scanning in order to unformat USB drive. Once the scan process is finished, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Figure C.

Unformat USB - Recovered Files

Figure C: Preview Results


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