Software to Unformat Volume

Mac OS is widely used over the globe, it considered as the best and fully secured OS. However, there is a possibility of loss of files and folders from Mac volumes as well. Many reasons are there that creates complex situations for users and the only choice left for them to overcome such problem is to format the Mac volume. Entire data stored on that particular volume is not available after formatting, after such situation the question arises that how to unformat volume? The answer is here, use Mac recovery software, this advanced application is developed by team of experts to help worldwide Mac OS users who are facing data loss issues from Mac hard drive volumes. If you are gone through such miserable situation and now want to unformat Mac volume, then just make use of Unformat Mac tool and restore data in very less span of time.

In Mac OS, journal files are there which keeps a track record of all the information present in hard disk drive and regularly update it. Whenever it gets corrupt OS start pointing toward wrong location. At such case, volume became inaccessible for you and don't left with any other option rather than formatting. At this certain point, you have to format the volume and it finally results in loss of files and folders from that particular volume. In such condition, backup is the only option to get back data, but the situation becomes critical when you don't have any backup. Don't be upset if you are not having the backup, first of all, stop using the formatted volume and use Unformat Mac software as it is specially developed to tackle such data loss scenarios from formatted Mac volume. You can recover data from formatted HFS+ volumes on Mac machines and from other Mac volumes as well. Simple and easy to use interface of this software will never let you down; even a amateur user can unformat volume without any complications.

Most of the times, volume corruption also forces users to format the corrupted volume, so that user can use it in future. Such case arises when the user tries to merge or to resize the volume and during this operation, if your system shutdown abruptly due to improper power supply then there are chances of corruption to the volume on which the operation is going on. Do not worry, this problem is common nowadays and worrying will not solve your problem. Unformat Mac tool will solve all your worries by recovering files and folders from formatted Mac hard drive volume. User can use this application to restore photos from formatted memory card on Mac along with recovery of data from other memory card, SD cards, Flash drives, etc. .

Sometime volume/logical drive fail to mount and we are unable to access that particular drive. For this reason also, you have to format your Mac volume. This in turn will erase the entire volume data. In this case also, Unformat Mac software will help you to retrieve your data back. In addition, user can get back files from flash drive after format and it also facilitates recovery of files from formatted iPod, external hard drive with ease.

Perform these steps to recover data from formatted Mac volume:

Step i: Launch the free trial version of Unfromat Mac software. Home page opens up as illustrated in Figure A.

Unformat Volume - Welcome Window

Figure A: Home Page

Step ii: After choosing "Recover Volumes/Drives" from home page, choose "Volume Recovery" from next screen. After this, select the hard drive from the list appear as illustrated in Figure B.

Unformat Volume - Choose HDD

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

Step iii: Software starts scanning in order to unformat volume. Once the scan process is finished, you will get list of recovered files as illustrated in Figure C.

Unformat Volume - Recovered Files

Figure C: Preview Results

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