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Advanced software to recover formatted Mac hard drive data

Have you accidentally formatted your Mac machine hard drive? Are you looking for a way to unformat formatted HFS+ volumes on Macintosh machines and get back your lost files and folders? Then Unformat Mac is the best software to recover formatted Mac hard drive data. Using this recovery tool, you can easily recover all your lost photos, videos, documents, worksheets etc after accidental format. It helps to recover your formatted Mac hard drive data within couple of mouse clicks. Other than hard drives, this recovery software also supports file recovery from formatted flash card of various types like XD card, CF card, SD card, MMC and Memory Sticks. Refer this web page: http://www.unformatmac.com/sd-card.html to learn how to unformat SD card on Mac platform. Not only flash cards, the application is also capable of recovering data from various types of secondary storage devices including USB drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, memory sticks, etc.  

Among following scenarios, what might have lead you in search of a tool to recover formatted Mac hard drive:

  • You might end up losing data after accidentally formatting Mac volume. However, make use of this perfect tool to unformat Mac volumes, either with HFSX, HFS+ or FAT file systems.
  • Or you re-installed Mac OS X on your MacBook without taking the appropriate backup on Time capsule
  • Inappropriate use of Time Machine application even results in creation of wrong backups that eventually lead to data loss
  • You may also lose Mac files due to reformatting of drives or repartitioning Mac hard disk
  • Use of some third party tool, which had lead to corruption in Apple Partition Map, again resulting in formatting of volumes

Human errors are the major cause of data loss and many individuals over the globe face same issues. Nevertheless, if you had accidentally formatted Mac volume or lost your Mac hard drive data due to any other reason there is nothing to worry. All you need to do is to use good data recovery software to recover lost volumes from formatted Mac hard disk drive such as Unformat Mac. Using this tool you can restore lost volume from formatted Mac hard drive within few easy steps. Unformat Mac tool is been designed and developed by well experienced technical staff.  

Sometimes, you might end up in formatting your flash drive, when you get error message like "Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" In such cases if you do not have enough data backup, then you will lose all data from your flash drive. However, in such scenarios, this software enables you to perform data recovery from formatted flash drive or to unformat Mac volumes that are infected with this issue. This software can be employed to get back lost files after format from different flash drive brands like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, HP, Lexar, etc on Mac computers.

Note – Be very careful regarding selection of data recovery program as there are plenty of free and cracked software available on internet. Many of these cost free applications are not checked properly before packaging into a downloadable file. Therefore, there are always chances of virus attack on your computer if you use them. Moreover, they have only limited functionality and mostly fail to recover formatted Mac hard drive. Sometimes they even corrupt your storage device or they may crash your operating system. Thus, unformat Mac is a safest recovery utility which is free from all sorts of detrimental elements such as viruses or malignant programs. Therefore, Unformat Mac application is a best suited recovery utility if you want to recover formatted data from Mac computer hard drive.   

The software also supports data recovery from Macbook Pro. The special scanning algorithms of the tool restore lost data from reformatted or corrupted MacBook Pro hard disk volumes within less span of time. Trial version of this tool is also available you can try it and check the software performance. It will provide you an option to preview your recovered files before saving them. The application is very easy to use, it gives clear cut directions with comprehensible screen shots which allows even a novice user to retrieve formatted Mac hard drive data. At any point of time, if you feel any assistance is required then you can feel free to contact technical support team which will be available round the clock.

Apart from Macbook Pro, this tool even supports data recovery from formatted Macbook Air hard drive. So, in case you lost your MacBook Air data due to intentional or unintentional format don't get upset just make use of this amazing utility to unformat Macbook Air HDD data and restore it effectively. Do you want to know how to recover Macbook Air hard drive data? Then, visit this page: http://www.unformatmac.com/unformat-macbook-air-hdd.html

Some precautionary steps to avoid data loss intentional or unintentional format:

  • Take regular backup of your important files and folders in removable storage drives like USB drive, flash card, external hard drive, or CD / DVD drive.
  • Before formatting volumes or reinstalling Mac OS, double check your drives to look for important files.
  • Carefully use MacBook to avoid data loss due to human errors.
  • Don't add any new file on your Mac machine after format operation if you want to unformat formatted Macintosh drives

Despite of following above described steps, if your Mac hard drive gets formatted due to any unforeseen reasons then make use of Unformat Mac application and restore formatted Mac hard drive data in few simple clicks of your computer mouse.

Recent updates

  • Recover Files from Mac Mini after Format: You can now rescue files from formatted Mac Mini with ease by using Unformat Mac software. This tool is built with advanced scanning algorithms that deeply scans each and every block of Mac Mini hard drive and restores all your important files from formatted Mac just within minutes. Refer this link for complete assistance: http://www.unformatmac.com/recover-files-from-mini-after-format.html.
  • Recover Files after Reinstalling Mac OS X: You can now recover the lost files after reinstalling Mac OS X easily by using Unformat Mac application. The software can recover all types of files in an efficient manner. For more information, log on to: http://www.unformatmac.com/recover-files-after-reinstalling-mac-os-x.html.
  • Mac Says Hard Drive is Unreadable: Whenever you become unable to read the data on your Mac hard drive due to corruption of file system, catalog file corruption or any other reason then try using unformat Mac software. It will help you get back the access to your entire Mac hard drive data. Visit http://www.unformatmac.com/hard-drive-is-unreadable.html for furthur details.
  • How to Speed up MacBook Pro Laptops: Using MORE software one can fix all the issues related to laptop speed and enhance their laptops performance so as to make it work in top working condition. Click on this link http://www.unformatmac.com/speed-up-macbook-pro.html for further details on boosting MacBook Pro performance.
  • Disk Recovery Software for Mac: Disk recovery is not an easy task, it is always a cumbersome to perform mac disk recovery, but now with the help of an updated version of Unformat Mac software you can rescue data with ease. To know more about visit: http://www.unformatmac.com/disk-recovery-software.html
  • Rescue Data From Formatted Thumb Drive: This utility developed with advanced thumb drive scan and recovery algorithm, with which it scan the entire USB flash drive within few minuted and restore data efficiently. Checkout this url: http://www.unformatmac.com/formatted-thumb-drive.html to regain complete info about it.
  • Can i recover my data after full format of hard disk: You can perform recovery of full formatted hard disk. With the help of this software you can restore complete formatted hard drive data. It can completely bring back all types of files. Visit this link http://www.unformatmac.com/recover-hard-disk-after-full-format.html to know more.
  • Recover formatted SSD card on Mac: Now this tool is flexible to recover formatted storage drives like SSD, USB drives, USB Flash drives etc. You can unfromat the formatted SSD on any Mac OS. It is updated with many features recently to restore all types of in less time. Visit this pages: http://www.unformatmac.com/ssd.html to know more on recovery.

  • Restore Lost Files on Mac: Using this tool you can easily restore more than 300 types of files from formatted, inaccessible and deleted Mac volumes. It supports all Mac OS associated systems. You can get back files in single and quick scan. Go to this page: http://www.unformatmac.com/lost-files.html it will provide more information regarding Mac data recovery.

  • Recover Files on Mac: One of the possible ways to easily bring back deleted files, files emptied from trash bin, missing files from formatted and deleted volumes, etc is to make use of this powerful application preciously. This software will get back files from Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, etc with ease. For additional reading refer this link: http://www.unformatmac.com/unformatmac.com/recover-files.html

Now as you have understood the causes of data loss from your Mac, check the following steps restore data from Mac hard drive after incomplete installation of OS or after formatting Mac volume.

Step 1: Download and install Unformat Mac software on your Mac machine. After you successfully install the application, just double click on desktop shortcut to launch main window of the application as shown below in figure A.

Unformat Mac - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: From the main window, select "Recover Volumes / Drives" then "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" from the next window that comes. Now choose Mac volume and press next button to start the scanning process as shown below in figure B.

Unformat Mac - Select Mac Volume

Figure B: Select Mac Volume

Step 3: After performing a deep scan of your Mac hard drive, advanced algorithms of this software will extract lost files and folders. Seen below in figure C is a list of recovered data, which you can save to any of your desired storage location.

Unformat Mac - View Recovered Data

Figure C: View Recovered Data


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